Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hannah- Wonderment in Neverland

I left my heart in Uganda, Africa.

When Beth asked me to guest blog, she mentioned Africa, and it seemed appropriate considering I’m heading back over in three weeks. Revisiting some of my journal entries and thoughts brought back a huge flood of memories and nostalgia. 
Three weeks can’t pass fast enough.

When I went to Africa last summer, I won't lie, there weren't any gigantic shocks about the living conditions. This sounds heartless, but I had seen so many pictures and documentaries, it was hard to be shocked.

There was one thing that did shock me though. 
 The unhappiest time for me there was leaving. 
You can't help but be joyful in this place. 
People wave at you on the street and smile. 
Any child will laugh when you tickle them, and a piece of candy is the greatest gift they've ever received. 
Even though there are 9 kids shoved into one hospital room, if you paint their nails...


When people hug you there they mean it. 
They look at you right in the eyes and then embrace you into themselves.
 Some of the kids I hugged had never been hugged before, so when I hugged them, they didn't let go.


People have always told me that these are the most joyful people you will ever meet. 
But I know some pretty joyful people here at home. 
I thought maybe people just weren't looking for joy in the right places here in the states.

These are the most joyful people you will ever meet.

Again I say, three weeks can’t come soon enough.

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