Saturday, October 23, 2010

Community Relations for PRSSA

So this year, I have decided to get more involved on campus at Missouri State. I mean, I am junior, so it is now or never.

Last year, my lovely aunt, who is a PR professor at Belmont, paid my membership for PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) for Christmas. And this year, I am co-chair with Andrea Lensing for Community Relations. I am so excited!

This job suits me so well because I am already plugged in the Springfield community and want to help a of these non-profits any way I can, and now, I have an outlet for that.

Basically, we want to help volunteer at a different non-profit event each month, to get our organization's name out there and get more involved in the community. This Friday, we are volunteering at "Halloween Night at the Museum" at the Discovery Center. We get to dress up and help kids have an educational, fun Halloween.

Next month, we are also planning to help Ozarks Food Harvest's Fashion Show. This one is dear to my heart because of my internship with them this summer. I am excited to be a part of them in a small way again.

This chair position has also made me realize that I could potentially love working in Community Relations for an organization. So if non-profit PR doesn't happen for some reason, I have something to fall back on. :) Pin It

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Adventure Bug Defined

So I already alluded to this in an earlier post, but I REALLY want to travel ASAP. This summer is my last real summer before "real life" starts, and I want to have an epic adventure.

I have also been inspired by my lovely roomie and her buddy to blog about the adventure I hope to have. They have an awesome website called Wander and The Runaway, where they hope to build a community that supports their adventure and keeps them accountable to follow through. I want them to take me with them on their blogging/real adventure. I am kind of inviting myself. (hope that's okay) ;)

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However, I am going to make my own adventure. Here is MY adventure bug defined:

I want to do something out of the state of Missouri that involved coffee, culture, and community. That may be one thing that lasts all summer or a bunch of small trips. I am going to put this blog into practice by actively seeking it out how coffee, culture, and community interact in the real world.

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Okay, so here is my current brainstorm list. I physically cannot do all of the adventures on my dream list this summer, but I am going to explore the possibility of ALL of them. I am also open to any suggestions! :)


1) Study abroad in Ecuador with Missouri State University.
2) Apply for an internship with World Vision in Chicago, IL.
3) Apply for an internship with Compassion International in Colorado Springs, CO.
4) Apply for an internship with Coffee Kids in Sante Fe, NM.
5) Work in a coffee farm with my wonderful friend in St. Louis.
6) Go to Spain to visit my Aunt (maybe with my lil sis).
7) Visit my friend's (let's call her ladybug) sister in South Korea.
8) Just move to a Spanish speaking country for no reason.
9) Work at an awesome coffee shop wherever I end up.
10) I want to leave room to DREAM.

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There it is. 
Between now and then, I will explore these options, dream up more, and keep you updated. I would also like to visit my former neighbors in Pittsburgh, PA and possibly go with my church to Vancouver, Canada.

Okay, so there. My adventure bug is defined and out there. Hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I will. :) Please don't let me wimp out and give me lots of ideas!!! For now, that is all!

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

AIDS Walk 2010

Through my Public Relations writing class, I have been writing with a partner, Kim Perry, for a local non-profit organization, AIDS Project of the Ozarks. They are such a great organization providing relief for HIV positive individuals in 29 counties through Southwest Missouri. Their services include medical help, financial aid, non-perishable item pantry, counseling, etc.

This Saturday, I participated in their event, AIDS Walk. It was so fun like one big family block party including a bounce house, face painting, and red hair extensions, of course.

Around 10, everyone gathered for the walk, which was phenomenal. It is hard to describe. I was all alone amongst this tight nit community. Watching all of these people with a deep connection come together as a community and walk together proudly was breathe taking. I was so honored to be a part of that.

I also ran into a Coffee Ethic regular, Casey Cox, who introduced me to much of the staff of APO. It was great to talk to him and learn about all of their needs as an organization and what they are doing in the Springfield community.

After the walk, there was the Dog Parade. Oh my goodness, there were so many dogs dressed up in the most adorable outfits. Here are just a few:

The experience as a whole was amazing. I walked, met new people, got a T-shirt, and some red extensions! I hope that next year I will be able organize a group to walk. 
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