Thursday, October 25, 2012

Be My Maid?

One day I saw the most amazing 'pin' featuring Bridesmaid Boxes.
When I clicked through to the blog, I fell in love with everything about her wedding.
Did I mention her name was Bethany, too?!
Although I was greatly tempted, I refrained from repining because I instantly decided that one day I would do the same for my bridesmaids and they couldn't see it coming.

And I did!

It was so fun!
All I did was buy wooden boxes from Hobby Lobby.
I painted them coral,
and then stenciled "Be my Maid?" in navy on the lid.

I filled the boxes with photos of my wedding style inspiration, paint samples and a little name tag for each maid.

I wanted to include more girls than my three maids,
so I created a support group and gave them all names like:
Maid of Encouragement
Maid of Laughter
Maid of Hospitality
Maid of Literature
Maid of Creativity
Maid of Good Tidings
Maid of Memories
Maid of Generosity

In my maid boxes, I also included four little note cards that I got from Target, and I designed them to each be a bit smaller. The cards included: "Your Dresses," "My Girls," "Your Role," and "Our Day." This was an idea from the original Maid boxes, but I personalized the cards for my girls and my big day.

It was so fun to make these boxes and share them with my friends. I also made little cards for my support girls and mailed them or hid them in other presents or goodies.

So now, I have my guy and I have my girls.

I'm ready to go!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Heart Doodling

So something I realized as I entered the "Big World," is that I love to doodle.

I guess I always knew this, but it has become very evident as I work in front of a computer every day. When I had to be creative, I started taking paper and using colorful sharpies all over the place. After using too much printer paper, I decided it was time to invest in a brainstorming book: one for the home and one for the office.

I'm in love with my brainstorming notebook.
I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.
There is something about 
putting pen to paper 
colored pens
that get my creative juices flowing.

For my work book, I purchased a hard back black journal from Barnes and Noble. I could literally spend ALL day in the journal section there. It is perfect.

For home, I got a sketch book from the kid's section at Target and covered it with scrap paper to say,
"Creative Minds are Rarely Tidy."

Very fitting if you know me.
I thrive on organized chaos.

How do you cope with our computer-filled society?

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