Monday, September 12, 2011

Daphne Pants

I got a new kitty three weeks ago to cure a long time fever.
I adopted her from the Humane Society.
Her name is Daphne Jo, 
and I may be a bit obsessed with her.

This is her favorite toy,
whoever invented it should be a millionaire
because it is the absolute perfect cat toy I have ever seen. 

She is spunky, sassy, and sweet.
She loves to cuddle and nuzzle her head against yours. 

It is nice having a furry companion around.

Any other furry companion lovers out there?

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What is a Cappuccino?

Drink made and Photo Taken by Jacque Desmarais

"Cappuccino" is a fairly common drink to order at your local coffee shop,
but what is a REAL cappuccino?

It is...

...unlike most gas stations would have you believe.
"Cappuccino" literally means "a small cap" in Italian.
The traditional Italian drink is made with:

This is very similar to a latte.
The main difference is that a cappuccino is served cooler, has more foam, and higher milk to espresso ratio.
In other words, this little 6 oz. drink has a kick.

Crafting the perfect cappuccino is no easy task.
Temperature is important.
The espresso shot is paramount.
The amount of foam is crucial.
And the presentation seals the deal.

One way to test a "perfect cappuccino" is the spoon test.
Lightly, scoop the spoon over the foam.
This should reveal about 1 cm of foam..
...if it is perfect!

Traditional cappuccinos, or cappes, are definitely my favorite drink.
Mine are usually gone in an instant!

Good luck to your coffee endeavors!


Cappuccino made and photos taken by Bethany Parry at The Coffee Ethic in AG Headquarters.
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