Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder

Right now at this moment,
I just need to blog.
I apologize because it is nothing grand or innovative,
but I must write down my thoughts.

Graduation is only three weeks away.
The largest event I have ever helped plan is in two days.
I am moving in one month.

All of these changes and pressures have nearly brought me to a breaking point this week,
and Murphy's Law is not helping.

a fly fell in my coffee;
my laptop was lost for a full hour;
and it was an eleven hour day.

I am not sharing all of this because I want to complain & have a negative post,
but because I just need it.

I need to see all of my tiny bumps in the road for what they really are:
tiny bumps not impossible-to-climb mountains.

I made sure to do something different.
I took off work,
pampered myself,
did dishes,
watched Glee,
and sat in my favorite coffee shop
just because.

Every day is a learning experience.
This week I am learning to deal with stress and the unknown.
I'm learning when to say no.

Tomorrow will be kinder.
I fully believe that.
I have to believe that.


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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still Waggin' My Tail About Fido Coffee

Any adventure for me is not complete with visiting only one coffee shop.

(as you may have noticed)

The second cafe we checked out was called Fido.

Even though it uses the same roaster as Hot & Cold, Bongo Java, and is right next store, the atmosphere of the cafe was completely different.

I loved this shop.
It was super cute but rough around the edges giving it such an unique character.
The mascot of the the shop was this cute little blue dog,

While waiting in line at this popular Nashville location, the adorable signs explaining the coffee drinks caught my eye. 
The graphics breaking down the traditional Italian drinks made my heart smile and made me feel

On Saturday morning, we started the day off with breakfast and coffee at Fido. 
I had a yummy bagel sandwich paired with a delicious cappuccino.
It was a perfect way to start the day.

To hold true to my traveling tradition, I purchased a mug from Fido as my city souvenir!

And because I always need coffee to fuel my eight-hour road trips,
Katie and I got yummy lattes to-go!

I highly recommend checking out Fido if you ever find yourself in Nashville!


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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coffee + Ice Cream = The Perfect Match

The first coffee shop we tried in Nashville was Hot & Cold.

After a lovely lunch at Jackson's, we strolled over to a little shop called Hot & Cold to get an afternoon pick-me-up before going to the conference.

The space was so cute, and I was obsessed with the signage...
so creative.

While my cafe latte hit the spot, what got me even more excited about this place was realized they served Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream!

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream is this wonderful ice cream company in Columbus, Ohio, that uses all real and natural ingredients--starting with milk from grass-fed cows. In Springfield, when I want to grant myself a luxury, I will buy her Askinosie chocolate flavor from Homegrown Foods.

It. Is. Heaven.

So I was extremely excited to see her product!

And I just love the concept of combining two delicious things in life:
coffee + ice cream.

(Hence, the name "Hot & Cold")

It goes without saying that we returned the next evening to enjoy some of Jeni's Ice Cream, and even though they did not have my Askinosie flavor I had one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of something else delicious.

One of the workers, oddly enough, had family in Springfield! I love how coffee (and ice cream) bring people together in fun, unique ways!

So if you ever find yourself in Nashville with a sweet tooth, I highly recommend Hot & Cold!


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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Weekend of Southern Hospitality

Last weekend, I had a miniature adventure to Nashville, Tn. crossing another item off my "Train Ride Across America" bucket list. I attended the PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) Regional Conference hosted by Belmont University. The theme of the weekend was "Southern Hospitality," and it was a weekend filled with "Southern Hospitality."

It was such a great trip because I got to see a new city, learn from professionals and visit it with my Aunt Pam, who is a PR professor at Belmont University. I met some of her students and colleagues while networking with fabulous PR people from all over the Midwest.

I drove to Nashville with one other girl in my Chapter, Katie Brady. We had a great road trip filled with ghetto rest stops, winding county roads and rickety old bridges. Eight-hour drives are the best way to get to know someone new.

There were over 100 students, who got to hear from top-notch professionals like Julie Davis of Cracker Barrell, Tressa Robbins of Burrelles-Luce, Gary McCormick of HGTV, Ashley Capps of AC Entertainment and Bonnaroo, Brandi Boatner of IBM, and more. I learned valuable information about public relations strategies and finding that first job.

Belmont did a great job hosting the event too. Everything had a Southern flare, even down to mason jars to hold our drinks at dinnertime.

Nashville was such a fun city to visit as well. Everyone was so nice, and I got to check out some fun little shops at the village. (more coffee reviews to come!) I always love experiences like this where I get to meet new people, reunite with old friends and learn more about my profession.

I am such a nerd.

Stay tuned for more reviews of all the little shops I visited!


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