Saturday, May 28, 2011

Be Jealous

Okay, so I might never come home.
I am on the beach right now.
Be jealous.
Here is my awesome room:

Our view is incredible,
but the walk up the mountain to our house is killer.

My group is having a good time,
and enjoying the great food.
My host family is incredible.
They are so sweet and instructive.
I think I learn about 10 new words a meal!
¡No broma! 
(no joke)

Just to let you know, next week, there will be two more guest bloggers: Hannah and Amber. Both are dear friends of mine. Hannah is my roommate and writes a blog called "Wonderment in Neverland". She is going to share with you about her upcoming adventure to Africa. Amber is Jay's wife from this week's post. She writes a blog with Jay called "Adventures in Togetherness". She is always writing about her experience in community from a different perspective.

I am trying to blog as much as possible,
because I have so many fun stories to tell,
but finding time for a computer is harder than expected.

¡Hasta Pronto!
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