Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Coffee Thingamabob Showcase

Exciting coffee news!
If you live in the Springfield area and have nothing to do on Sunday night, I have the perfect thing for you. Robbie, my friend who works at Espresso Parts, is doing a demonstration of a foam knife at The Coffee Ethic.

What is a foam knife you ask?
Beats me.
Hence the title a "coffee thingamabob" showcase.

Since I will be out of the country, you guys will have to check it out on Sunday at 7pm and let me know, because it sounds super cool. 

Anything to make the life of a Barista easier and make the coffee in the life of a customer taste better is a good thing. :)

In other news, my little sister graduated high school tonight. It was super cool to return to my alma mater and see  my high school teachers. My drama teacher, Bobby Clubbs, gave a splendid speech. And yes, the band played Star Wars music for his entrance. Got to love the Clubbs!

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