Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Everyday Spanish

This week I want to share a couple of important phrases to know when you are travelling in a Spanish speaking country.

First: "Mucho gusto en conocerlo/la".
This means "Very pleased to meet you", and you use "lo" for a male and "la" for female. This is great to say when you meet someone for the first time and flash your Spanish skills.

Second: "¿Cuánto se debe?" or "¿Cuánto cuesta esto?" 
This means "How much is owed?" or "How much does this cost?" This is a very important phrase to in the market place and when you are buying anything.

Third: "¿Qué hora es?"
This means "What time is it?" and people usually respond with "Son..." or "Es..." followed by the number "uno, dos, tres, etc." If "y media" is added, that means 30 minutes after the hour.

So excited to use these phrases everyday this week in Quito!
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