Wednesday, July 13, 2011

El Ristretto Espresso Bar

In Ecuador, good coffee was hard to come by.
The most common drink was cafe con leche.
(Strong coffee with warm milk)
It was very good, but definitely weaker than my normal choice.
My host family was shocked when my roommate and I wanted only black coffee, which some days were better than others.

I tried a cappuccino at Corfu, which was served with a delicious chocolate truffle.
I loved those truffles.
The cappuccino was not a traditional one, but it was still alright.

Juan Valdez was a common coffee chain there, with coffee from Colombia.
They had yummy iced coffee and a fun atmosphere.
But my favorite coffee spot in Quito was El Ristretto Espresso Bar.

After a mall shopping excursion at El Jardin, I spotted this little shop out of the corner of my eye, and I immediately new I would love it.
I have a sixth sense for good coffee shops. ;)
Thankfully, Brandi is also a coffee lover, so we set out to try this shop one afternoon, and it was just as cute as I expected.

We both ordered cappuccinos.
It was a good choice.
I had never seen a cappuccino like this.
It was layered with coffee and foam with cinnamon on top.
It was not a traditional cappuccino,
but it was so delicious!
It also came with chocolate covered espresso beans.
I like chocolate with my cappes.
What can I say?

We went back a second time, and I ordered an espresso.
It was different.
I think they must of added hot water or something,
but it was still good.

Brandi got a cortado the second time around.
"Cortado" means cut in Spanish.
It is a Spanish drink that is in between the strength of a macchiato and a cappuccino, but the milk is more like latte milk and is served at a cooler temperature.
I was excited to try this since it is a Spanish drink and we were in a Spanish speaking country.
It was yummy,
but it looked more like a macchiato than a cortado.

I still loved it.

Another funny fact about coffee in Ecuador is that at every coffee shop there is also alcohol.
Even in the mall, you could get an Irish coffee.
It was such a foreign concept to me to see it everywhere.

I could have stayed there forever.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Red Velvet Weekend

First of all, I want to apologize for the crazy absences. I have had some technology issues when I got back to the States everything from a lost phone to a dead computer. I promise to get back into the swing of things soon and share more Ecuador stories.

This past weekend was filled with another road trip to Tulsa with the beau to see his momma. We had a fabulous time with:

a random creek

skipping stones and dropping them
(he is full of many hidden talents)

a proper homemade spa treatment

red velvet ice cream
(is anyone else blown away by this concept? It was delicious!)

All in all, it was great spending time with the beau and his momma.

Is everyone else having a fun summer so far?

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Monday, July 11, 2011

A House is Not a Home

I said my official good-bye to The Fremont House about a week ago
So many emotions
my head

I am happy
to be rid of 
I am exhausted
from cleaning and 
I am anxious
to start a new
I am sad
to loose my 

I will miss
Pippie greeting me 
each morning
My neighbor saving me
from my bad cooking skills
Always having someone
different to entertain

I will miss
Walking to class
Walking to Homegrown Foods
Walking just walking on Fremont

I have so many fond memories
of those three other crazy
Fremont House Girls
from the Snowpocalypse
to Christmas dinner
to parking each other in

They say a house is not a home,
but The Fremont House was my home for one year.
I will miss it,
but now it is time to make a new home.


p.s. I am going to miss small children trick or treating at my house during Halloween. :)
What is home to you?
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