Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today, I ate my last mocha muffin and drank my last cup of coffee at the Kaldi's cart on Missouri State's campus. At the end of this semester, Sodexo is going out and a new food company is coming in. And they have a contract with Starbucks. 

Don't get me wrong, I am stoked that Missouri State is getting new food options such as Chick-fil-A, but it saddens me to see something so unique such as Kaldi's leave MSU campus.

I try make my morning cup at home, but some days I am running late or some nights I am stuck in the library working on homework, and it is nice to have a little extra pick me up on campus. However, Starbucks is not my favorite. Not trying to knock anyone who likes it, but to me, the coffee is always either too bitter or too sweet. Beyond the taste, Starbucks is a global corporation, whereas Kaldi's is a coffee company housed right here in Missouri. It is special, and if you recall previous posts. The South Regional Barista Champion this year was Joe Marrocco, from Kaldi's, so it is legit. 

I learned something very important at PRSSA National Assembly this year from the lovely Rachel Sprung. If you don't like something, hashtag it on Twitter. She started the hashtag #bringbackken when tweeting about anything negative about arranging flights for PRSSA because a guy named ken used to take care of it for them.

I am stealing her idea. I encourage you to use the hashtag #BringBackKaldis on Twitter if you are disappointed in seeing them leave MSU campus.

Who knows maybe President Cofer will hear our cries of wanting good, local coffee and #bringbackkaldis?
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