Sunday, March 27, 2011

Confessions of a Wannabe Vagabond

Here comes another confessional blog post.

I talk about adventure and travel all the time,
but really I can be quite the chicken.

I desire to be that woman who 
knows 7 languages
has traveled the globe
always has a story to tell.

I want to be 
"Marie" off of the movie "Dan in Real Life",
"Belle" from "Beauty and the Beast",
Elizabeth Gilbert author of "Eat, Pray, Love".

I want to "want adventure in the great wide somewhere"
I want to "want it more than I can tell".

But the truth is,
I am not a risk-taker.
I like to play things safe.
Roller Coasters terrify me.

I will be boarding my first solo flight in 4 days,
and I am freaking out a little bit.
I will be living in another country for 4 weeks this summer,
and I am freaking out a little bit.

Don't get me wrong,
I am SO excited about these trips,
but I am an unexperienced traveler
about to embark on some adventures that put me out of my comfort zone.

But then again it wouldn't be an adventure 
if I wasn't out of my comfort zone.
So this wannabe vagabond is about to 
jump in head first into the great wide somewhere.

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  1. you're gunna do amazing. and most of those ladies mentioned above I'm sure were terrified on their first solo trip.

    you have the heart of an adventurer with the planning mentality of monica. it'll make a great combo in the long run cause you'll be safe when embarking on all your travels.

  2. Often when I travel to somewhere new, when I step out of my comfort zone, when I head out in a new direction with adventure looming in front of me and all that is safe and comfortable in my review mirror, the person I think of most is Abram setting off to the place that God would show him, not knowing where he was going, just knowing that God had called him, and he had to follow.

    It's that feeling of looking over the edge of a cliff, and knowing that if you jump you will never again be the same person you were before. It is both terrifying and exciting in one moment. Then you jump. . .

  3. I can sympathize, I feel the same way.
    If you're anything like me, you'll make it through it all if you can make through the very beginning.

    Stepping off the plane may be the first time you feel confidant about the trip.

    Best of luck!