Monday, March 7, 2011

Pittsburgh Preview

So Travis and I made it to Pittsburgh
To visit our lovely friends, Jay & Amber.
It rained the entire drive through the night,
But after 15 hours, we made it!

Once we were there, it felt like we just came over for a visit,
Filled with Spades, conversation, cookies, & good food.

We visited a Mennonite Church,
Which was fabulous.
The pastor taught on a very controversial topic,
Presented both interpretations of Scripture,
And left it up to us to make a choice.
It was refreshing.

So far, we have visited 3 coffee shops:
(They are so great for putting up with my coffee explorations!)

Sunday afternoon was spent at the Strip District
& random SNOWBALL fights.

Oh, ya, it SNOWED!
On Spring Break.
Travis & Jay built a 7 foot snowman.

It has been great getting to know Jay & Amber's community:
Karen & Dave,
Carrie & Scott.
Each night we gather for dinner and afterwards have prayer.
Last night, we had Lentil Burgers!
YUM :)

This morning we had pancakes at Pamela's
and walked around Squirrel Hill.
Looking forward to what the rest of our adventure holds.
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  1. it looks like you're having a blast my friend. I miss you so terribly much. It's loud here. haha. I miss our quiet (ish) house :-) Love you! Can't wait to see you and have girly chats.

  2. yeah yeah yeah! spring break fun with old&new&kindof friends♥ can't wait to have reminiscing chats over coffee when we're all back at the fremont house:):)

    PS my verifying word was 'presses'. chuckle.

  3. I'm glad you guys had a good time! Thanks for coming to visit!!