Monday, March 14, 2011

The City with a Front Door

I had the most lovely adventure over Spring break with Jay & Amber.
It was a perfect blend of coffee, culture, & community.
To start off where I left off,
We ventured out to Oakland for lunch!

At Oakland, we had the "ultimate Pittsburgh experience" at Primanti Bros.
These sandwiches included every side item on the sandwich for easy eating without a lunch break for people like truck drivers, sailors, & miners.
It was an experience.

Also, on a coffee note, we visited Ryan at the Starbucks where he works, and I got an epic Pittsburgh mug as my token sovernir.

Afterwards, we wandered into a magical old book store.
We found an incredible edition of Hobbit for Travis. :)

Then we went to the top of the city with a front door at Mount Washington.
Travis and Jay loved the statues.

That night we had dinner again.
It was so wonderful to be apart of that community for even just a couple of days.
It was as if we had always been there and would always be.
True community is such a beautiful thing, we sometimes take for granted.

They depended on each other,
worked together,
laughed with one another,
prayed in unison,
and LIVED life together.

Later, Travis, Jay, Amber, and me skipped out on Bible study and went for ice cream at Oh Ya's,
this place with millions of toppings that they blend all up for you. YUM!
We played spades (as usual) while the ice cream was being consumed.
Travis & Jay whipped me & Amber pretty good...but it was fun.

Tuesday, Travis & I explored Pittsburgh on own in a lazy fashion.
We walked Carrie & Scott's dog, Max,
and ate lunch at The Church Brew Works.

It was an old Catholic church transformed into a brewery!
It was definitely an experience with awesome food and homemade root beer. 
The booths were even made out of pews.

We spent the afternoon at Squirrel Hill at the Te Cafe and  the Library.
I think our entire trip could be boiled down to food, coffee, and books. :)

This adventure was amazing.
Pittsburgh is pretty much the coolest town ever.
I enjoyed Pittsburgh's coffee, culture, and community.
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  1. It was so fun having you guys visit! Thanks for spending your spring break with us! We treasure our friendship very much!

  2. Haha. Leave it to that picture to turn up.

    I second Amber. We love you both!