Friday, April 1, 2011

5 Ghetto Tips on Looking Professional

While I was packing for PRSSA National Assembly in Seattle,
I started to realize lots of little shortcuts I take to make myself appear professional.
Let's face it.
I am a college student.
I am working on developing a professional wardrobe,
but sometimes the cash is just not there.

So I thought I would share 5 of my Ghetto Tips to Looking Professional:


1. Sharpie Shoeshine:
Do you ever have scuffed black pumps? I am super clumsy, so I have this problem frequently. I should probably buy some shoe shine, but right now I am satisfied with black sharpie. Just color in the scuffed marks with black sharpie, and your shoes will look as good as new. This tip actually came from Dr. Wood in Communication Careers.

2. Safety Pins Fix Everything:
"Dang it! My button fell off my pants!" Never fear, safety pins fix everything from necklaces to black pants. Just safety pin, your pants together and wear a belt over it. No one will know the difference.

3. Steamy Shower Straightens Fabric:
If your shirt is wrinkled and no iron or dryer is to be found, a shower will work. Yes, you heard me. I actually heard this tip from my roommate at Assembly, Veronica Adamcik. Hang up your wrinkled article of clothing in the bathroom and let the shower on hot. (Not in the water!) Occasionally, pull the clothing to make it straighter.

4. Fill Holes in Hose:
This tip is more common, but if you rip your hoes ladies, never fear clear nail polish can fix it in a jiffy. A small tip that can save your life.

5. Hiding the Melted Mess of a Shirt:
Have you ever ironed anything that wasn't supposed to be ironed? I have. At a Speech and Debate tournament. I freaked about it for a while until I realized my cardigan covered up the crazy mess. No one was the wiser.

Hope these tips help you navigate disasters at professional conferences!
I will keep you updated on the Assembly as well!
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  1. you are crazy cool.
    and i love you.
    cheers for Seattle! can't wait to hear about all your adventures:)

  2. ohh goodness...12 awesome points for my favorite title of the day.

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