Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Chamberlain Art Show

My lovely friend Lizzy had a beautiful get together this weekend. 
It was called "The Chamberlain Art Show".
I went to visit her to help put on this massive event and to meet her newly acquired fiancée, Jon.

They are so cute by the way!
They have been dating since November 2009, 
and I just have never been in town at the right times to meet him.

 There was art work in every room of the house
on every inch of the wall.
It was incredibly elaborate.
But then again I would expect nothing else from Lizzy.

My big contribution was arranging the food,
making Mushroom Pate,
and creating fun candles around the house. 

This was my favorite piece of artwork.
It was called: "Jesus was a Black Man Too",
and it was painted by the talented Leah Nixon.

Lizzy, being an aspiring playwright, wrote a play called "Collection Time", 
and it was performed that night.
The concept was that our technology tools are not necessary to life as the "garage man" comes to collect all of the "trash" (electronics).
It was very intriguing.

This is a photo of the theatre room.
It was cut down the middle by blue tape.
One side saturated with technology,
and the other memorabilia from the past.

 On top of having a fabulous weekend with an old friend,
Lizzy asked me to be one of her bridesmaids.
I feel so honored.
I just about cried on the porch at 2 am in the morning after this crazy night. :)
I heart friends!

The funny thing is I visited her in St. Louie almost exactly one year ago.
Remember my Comfort of a Coffee Snob post?
Funny, how that stuff can happen on accident. :)

This picture is for Hannah Elizabeth & Connally:

 If you want to see more photos of the art show,
Check out my album here.
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  1. so pretty! I adore it. and I love the pictures from the show. fantastic! and the new blog. really I just love everything about this space you've created :-)