Tuesday, March 15, 2011

21st Street Coffee and Tea

This week it is time for a coffee shop review!
As you all know, I spent last week in Pittsburgh
and visited many coffee shops.

My favorite being 21st Street Coffee and Tea:

They serve Intelligentsia coffee in an excellent way.
I thought their sign, "We encourage you to taste your drink as served," was well...
I understand the heart behind the sign,
and it made me giggle.
However, it did come across a little awkward to customers.

I got a cappuccino,
as usual.
(I know I am getting predictable.)

It was yummy.
The espresso was good,
but the milk was perfection
with a lovely tulip on top.

My favorite part of the shop was the secret upstairs where you can look down and see their Clover machine.
So cozy and perfect!

I also went back and got 12oz. of Tanzania Edelweiss coffee bean.
I have been enjoying many French presses this week from these beans.
Very citrus and pomegranate like

Overall, I had a fabulous experience at 21st Street Coffee and Tea.
The Baristas were helpful.
The coffee was excellent quality.
The space was creative and cozy.
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