Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feeding People

This week I got to "return to my roots".
PRSSA & Lambda Pi Eta (Communication Honor Society) teamed up for an awesome volunteer effort at Ozarks Food Harvest!
(I may have been a bit bias in my planning, but it is such a good cause!)

Two girls went with me (Susan & Tara), 
and we had a blast with this other older group.

Our job was to pack food boxes after the others sorted through dented cans and expired foods.
It was neat to be a part of tangibly feeding people  who need it most. 
Our volunteer supervisor told us we pack about 6,000 pounds of food (if I remember right),
or what they normally pack in 6 hours.
Yeah, teamwork!!!

It was great to return to my internship location and give back again!
If you are ever looking for a place to give back in the Ozarks,
check Ozarks Food Harvest out!
They are doing so much to reach a significant problem in the community.
Lindsay's current intern, Sara, and her put together this new awesome video to.

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