Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflecting the Adventure Bug: Part Uno

I spent a good portion of this morning reading some of my blog posts from 2010. I love that about blogging! I can see where I was this time last year: my dreams, my passions and my accomplishments. I had almost forgotten about my Adventure Bug bucket lists I had made, and I thought I should revisit them to review everything I did in 2011.

2011 was an adventurous year for me. It is amazing all I was able to do, and I am so thankful for the opportunities I was given. I did not complete everything off my bucket list of course, but I crossed off a few.

Seattle: The Coffee Capitol of the World
My first adventure of the year was going to Seattle to represent my student organization at the National Assembly. It was a life-changing venture. It was my first solo flight, my first National event to attend and my first time on the West coast.

I met so many wonderful people in PRSSA, Public Relations Student Society of America. Because of that trip, I made lasting connections with people across the States and jumpstarted my passion for PRSSA. Now, I am vp of our university's Chapter, and I am loving every minute of it.

My favorite moments from Seattle were:

  1. Realizing we took pictures in the WRONG Starbucks thinking it was the original.
  2. Seeing the fun coffee sights with Robbie and Katie.
  3. Watching the new PRSSA committee get elected!

Pittsburgh: The City with a Front Door
My next adventure was driving across the country to Pittsburgh, Pa. with the beau to visit our lovely friends Jay and Amber. This was an awesome way to spend my Spring Break. It was my first true road trip, my first time in the New England area and my first real adventure with the beau.

We drove all 14 hours through the night and arrived early in the morning. It was great to see our friends and how they were living in a community. Everyone was so sweet and welcoming. The city itself was so fun and historic. I loved everything about it!

My favorite moments of Pittsburgh were:

  1. Driving through the "front door" of Pittsburgh. It took my breath away.
  2. Exploring an awesome used book store.
  3. Watching Jay and Travis build a giant snow man in March.

Quito: Te extra├▒o mucho
My biggest adventure of the year was spending four weeks in Quito, Ecuador, studying Spanish. It truly was an adventure of a lifetime, and I miss it so much. It was my first time in South America, first time traveling abroad without my parents or longer than one week, and my first time traveling with my university.

Traveling to Ecuador was a different experience for me because every other trip abroad had been with my church, so it was definitely different traveling with college students. Occasionally, I got annoyed with being a "tourist" because I just wanted to emerge myself. However, I made friends that I would have never expected and made memories that will last a lifetime.

My favorite moments in Quito were:

  1. The weekend spent on the beach in Puerto Lopez. It was so unexpectedly wonderful.
  2. Sliding down the side of Cotopaxi, the largest active volcano in the world.
  3. Watching movies and eating pizza with my three roomies and host mom instead of going to the party because one of them twisted her ankle.
  4. Discovering a tiny coffee shop called El Ristretto.
  5. Visiting the art museum of Oswaldo Guayasamin called "La Capilla del Hombre."

There were so many other wonderful moments on all of these adventures, and I took other small ventures on the way to Kansas City and St. Louis. Even though I got to experience many new adventures, they only deepened my adventure bug, so I am excited to see where 2012 takes me!

Happy New Year,
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