Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Original Starbucks #AprilFools

I am a very festive person.
I love holidays.
However, I hate April Fools Day.

Growing up my mom and sister always liked to prey on my dad's and my gullibility. It was always a source of conflict in our family. Looking back, I often overreacted to my sister's antics, but I am still not fond of April Fool's Day.

This year, I figured being in Seattle would secure me from any April Fool's jokes.
Who was I kidding?
No distance is too far for my sister.

This year she convinced our family that she had torn a hamstring at a pivotal track race and had to pull out. It was a brilliant devious joke because it was believable and incredibly scary for my family thinking she could be done with track and lose her scholarship next year.

I also managed to April Fool's myself.
A big group of us at PRSSA National Assembly definitely went to a Starbucks thinking it was the original Starbucks, and it was not. We took such touristy photos that must have made us look crazy.
When we found out, we all felt like idiots,
but I thought I would share photos anyway:

I had a coffee made on the Clover, which was actually yummy, and Veronica and I plan to visit the REAL original Starbucks tomorrow morning. Also, my coffee shops I visited tonight made up for that mistake.

I will share more about my coffee adventures and PR tips from Seattle later!
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  1. bahaha! that's super funny, but oh so cute. poor Beth :-) Love you, even if you are silly :-)