Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Adventure Bug Defined

So I already alluded to this in an earlier post, but I REALLY want to travel ASAP. This summer is my last real summer before "real life" starts, and I want to have an epic adventure.

I have also been inspired by my lovely roomie and her buddy to blog about the adventure I hope to have. They have an awesome website called Wander and The Runaway, where they hope to build a community that supports their adventure and keeps them accountable to follow through. I want them to take me with them on their blogging/real adventure. I am kind of inviting myself. (hope that's okay) ;)

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However, I am going to make my own adventure. Here is MY adventure bug defined:

I want to do something out of the state of Missouri that involved coffee, culture, and community. That may be one thing that lasts all summer or a bunch of small trips. I am going to put this blog into practice by actively seeking it out how coffee, culture, and community interact in the real world.

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Okay, so here is my current brainstorm list. I physically cannot do all of the adventures on my dream list this summer, but I am going to explore the possibility of ALL of them. I am also open to any suggestions! :)


1) Study abroad in Ecuador with Missouri State University.
2) Apply for an internship with World Vision in Chicago, IL.
3) Apply for an internship with Compassion International in Colorado Springs, CO.
4) Apply for an internship with Coffee Kids in Sante Fe, NM.
5) Work in a coffee farm with my wonderful friend in St. Louis.
6) Go to Spain to visit my Aunt (maybe with my lil sis).
7) Visit my friend's (let's call her ladybug) sister in South Korea.
8) Just move to a Spanish speaking country for no reason.
9) Work at an awesome coffee shop wherever I end up.
10) I want to leave room to DREAM.

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There it is. 
Between now and then, I will explore these options, dream up more, and keep you updated. I would also like to visit my former neighbors in Pittsburgh, PA and possibly go with my church to Vancouver, Canada.

Okay, so there. My adventure bug is defined and out there. Hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I will. :) Please don't let me wimp out and give me lots of ideas!!! For now, that is all!

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  1. woot! please feel free to invite yourself. we would love to have a tag along for a bit :-)

  2. that is definitely okay!! :) we have a whole crew of tag-alongs, and you are hands-down my favorite [tied with Nate of course]!
    this was inspiring to read-you have beautiful goals and dreams! [love the "move to a Spanish speaking country for no reason"-epic!] and adore all those pictures, especially the colorful globe one!

    dream BIG! ♥ i heart you.

  3. Awesome plan Bethany! I want to take this opportunity to plug Pittsburgh. We have lots of cool coffee shops up here, at which board games can be played! :)

  4. Yay for adventures! Especially ones that might involve us seeing you! Perhaps a Spring Break trip...

    By the way, I will definitely keep you accountable for having fun adventures. I send love!

  5. Jay and Amber,
    Yes, I was actually thinking a Spring Break trip would be AWESOME!
    There is also a World Vision headquarters about thirty miles outside of Pittsburgh...which would be cool too!

  6. Hey, I love your blog!! You so remind me of my daughter, Christy Villegas! She has the same dreams as you! She loves travel and HAS traveled - Belize, Guatemala (with me), Peru, and Mexico (quite bit). She also has always desired to work for Christian Foundation for Children and Ages (CFCA), she is a graphic designer, and loves to blog too. Blogs about her travels. She met her husband while going to school in Mexico (immersion Spanish school) and now they live here in Wichita. She, her husband and I started a dream - a travel agency that specializes in travel to Latin America especially Mexico - called Goin Latin Travel and Event Planning. My daughter's photos and blogs are found on twitter: @goinlatin, Facebook/goinlatin, and Please "follow,like, friend and/or comment" with us!
    By the way, I love the coffee themed backdrop and site! Really, I just love it. I will come here often. Keep up on the great work you've begun and FOLLOW THOSE DREAMS, JUST DECIDE TO DO IT!