Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter, everyone!

I am spending some time in the City of Roses with the family,
and reminiscing on Easters past.
I often think of my late kitty cat, Georgianne, around Easter.
Probably because in 4th grade,
she scratched my lip on Easter weekend, 
and I was rushed to the hospital.
I got over 30 stitches
and was MORTIFIED to take Easter photos,
but I did.  

My mom shared with me this old picture of Georgianne,
and it sparked my interest.
I started pillaging through old photos,
and I thought I would share some photos from Easters past. :)

Me and my sis, Tori.
The year Georgianne scratched me.
Yes, I held her in the family photo. 

Did you have a tradition of buying a new Easter dress every year with your mom?
I did.
I specifically remember being in the store to pick out the pink dress for me and the green dress for Tori.
I remember the first year we stopped this tradition.
At first it made me sad, now I am over it.

Have a wonderful day with your family!
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