Monday, April 25, 2011

Coffee Tour of Olympia, WA

I unexpectedly got stuck in Seattle for an extra day.
Thankfully, Robbie and Katie let me stay with them,
and I got an extra "coffee tour" of Olympia, Washington's capitol city.

First, we got our morning coffee at Olympia Coffee Roasting Company next to Robbie's job, Espresso Parts.
Olympia had a unique set up with a beautiful espresso machine, a La Marzocco.
The baristas were super sweet, and made me some yummy coffee on the Clover.

LOVE this door handle! 

Then we hopped on over to Espresso Parts.
This was a sight for a coffee nerd like me.
Coffee gadgets in every corner.
It was like a warehouse, but a lot smaller than I ever imagined.
I definitely feel like I am a cooler Barista now that I have seen where they make all the coffee making machines.

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