Monday, February 6, 2012

The Help

First of all, I want to explain my silence.
I was in a car accident two weeks ago.
I am fine, but my car went to great junkyard in the sky,
and finally, three weeks later, I have wheels again.

And life is starting to return to normal.

You may recall my list of "2012 Dreams."
One was to read more,
and I am happy to report I have finished my first book of 2012:

The Help by Katherine Stockett.

I personally adored the book,
but I love anything about the Civil Rights Movement,
even fiction inspired by the movement.

The general plot is that a young, aspiring writer, Miss Skeeter, moves back to Jackson, Mississippi, after graduating from Ole Miss. She applies for a job at Harper & Row that she is not qualified for in any way. One editor admires her blind self-confidence and gives her an opportunity to write one book. After pitching many droll ideas, she suggests interviewing some maids around town to tell their story of what it is like working for white people. 

And the adventure begins...

The books is filled with
class systems
Picture found here.

I have seen many criticisms of this book/movie because it was written by a white woman about a white woman "saving" black women from her racist neighbors. While I understand this critique of the book and I giggle slightly at the satirical poster above, I do not believe that was the heart of the author in any shape or form.

I choose to believe this book is more than
white vs. black.
It is about unlikely women coming together to do something good and creating a beautiful friendship in the process.

My favorite line from the book is this:
"We are just two people. Not that much separates us. 
Not nearly as much as I thought."

From official website
I believe everyone needs to learn that lesson, even today.
Friendship can come in the most unlikely packages.
Keep your heart open always
and have courage to do the right thing every day.
We are all just people after all.

What did you think about the book/movie?


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  1. Love your thoughts Bethany? Did you see the movie?


  2. I'm so glad you are ok! I saw your new wheels but I didn't know why! Secondly, I've been wanting to read that book and I think you've convinced me. Love you lots. Miss you more. Skype date?