Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eat. Pray. Love.

This past weekend, I watched the movie Eat. Pray. Love. with Travis and his momma. I love the essence of this movie--a woman's journey to find herself amongst people who are very different than her. I admit though that I dislike her motives to take the journey. I could not get over that she left her husband just because she didn't want to be married anymore--it was a tad selfish. It worked out for her in the end, though.

Watching the movie fed my adventure bug in a crazy way all over again. I love how she experienced Italy, India, and Bali with local people--seeing the realness of that country.

It got me thinking if I could pick my Eat. Pray. Love. countries, what would they be?

After a lot of pondering, I made my list and I wanted to share it with you:

  • First, I would go to Morocco. I LOVE Moroccan culture. It is such a hub of so many other cultures such as Spain, France, Arab, and Africa.
  • Second, I would go to India (like the movie, I know), but it is such a colorful place. There is really no other culture like it. Ever since 3rd grade, my friend Brit and I decided we wanted to go to India because it sounded cool in history class. That thought has never let only deepened by things like Slumdog Millionaire (I heart that movie!).
  • Last, I would go to Australia. I have no particular reason for the last one other than I enjoy learning about the struggle with the lost generation of aboriginals. I would love to learn more about that first hand, and the wildlife is amazing.

So those are my Eat. Pray. Love countries, 

What are YOURS? :)
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