Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adventures with Ladybug

7) Visit my friend's (let's call her ladybug) sister in South Korea.

Do you have a friend who knows you better than anyone? Who know matter how much time you spend apart it is like no time has passed when you talk? A friend who brings out the side of you that no one else can?

I do. Her name is Suzie Delacruz. Today is her 22nd birthday, and this post is dedicated to her.

As you can see, we kind of look at like. We were always either mistaken for each other or thought to be sisters. I am okay with that mistake because she is beautiful, and I think of her as my second sister. My parents even refer to her as their other daughter, and she has a key to my parent's house (I don't). 

We met a little place called Peaceful Valley Camp, where we started out as campers and ended up as counselors. This photo is us being silly for our girls in our cabin. (They like seeing their counselors be goofy...)

Our friendship blossomed when I transferred to Jackson Senior High School, where she went to school. She was there for me in a time of life most people hate, but we lived it to the fullest. We were not the coolest, prettiest, or smartest girls in the school, but we had each other and that was all that mattered.

We compliment each other well. I am organized, academic, a bit shy, and a not very flexible. Suzie is extremely responsible, hates school, is everyone's friend, and refreshingly spontaneous. I helped her with homework, and she helped me live. Seriously, I would be such a boring person if Suzie had not shown me it is okay to go with the flow sometimes and just let loose. 

We went on our first road trip together to visit her sister and sister's husband in Ohio before they left for South Korea. It was such a fun trip. Suzie got a tattoo, and I got to meet one of her good friends from elementary school.

This past summer, we went to Chicago together with two other girls. Again, we had such a great time.

It has been over two years since Suzie has seen her sister, and she really wants to visit her in South Korea this summer. With our history of adventures, it would just make sense for me to accompany her. Finances are a big obstacle, though. Neither one of us know if it is possible with the cost of the plane tickets.


I treasure my friendship with Suzie. We have been the best of friends since sophomore year of high school. Even being in college 4 hours a part from each other for 3 years, we have managed to maintain our friendship.

I would love to have another adventure with her before either one of us settle down.

Ladybug, I love you! I am sorry I can be with you on your special day, but I am thinking about you. I can't wait to see you next week for Christmas! With love, Beb. 

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