Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Exploring the Ecuador Experience

1) Study Abroad in Ecuador with Missouri State University

Okay, so option one I am exploring is studying abroad. I have always wanted to study abroad, but the timing has never been right. A whole semester is just too much for me at this point in my life. However, the Spanish Department at Missouri State University has a four week program every summer. This year they are going to Ecuador!

So here's the scoop:

The program is May 22, 2011 to June 19, 2011. It costs...wait for it...$4,000. Although that is terribly expensive, it includes everything as well as getting 6 hours of credit towards my Spanish minor. Yeah! The deadline is March 4, 2010 with a non-refundable deposit of $300. The teacher chaperon is Dr. Roger Dowdy.

We would stay two students to a room with a host family that are native speakers and go to class everyday. The classes are taught by native speakers, and there are four students to every teacher. Talk about personal attention! Dr. Dowdy said that each Thursday they volunteer at a Boys and Girls Club sort of thing and just play with the lower income kids. (Which is a great way to learn Spanish like I discussed in a previous post) On the weekends, there will be multiple "excursions", Dr. Dowdy said.

In conclusion, great opportunity that costs a lot of $$$. To me, I like the idea of study abroad because in the realms of adventure, it is safe. I know, lame reason but I am not much of a risk taker. This would be an adventure filled with rich experience, but I know I would be provided for and taken care of, for the most part.   

This trip would definitely embody community and culture by emerging myself in a new culture and community, which would leave room for a coffee adventure! I have been wanting to spend more than a week in a Spanish speaking country for a long time to harness my language skills, and this could be my chance.

What do you think?

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  1. Go for it!!! I loved my study abroad experience!!! And this is something that I know you are really passionate about, so I think you should go!