Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chicago: Children and Coffee

2) Apply for an internship with World Vision in Chicago, IL
9) Work at an awesome coffee shop wherever I end up.

This past summer, I took a two day trip to Chicago with ladybug and two other friends. It was so fun to learn how to navigate the city (I ended up being the tour guide). It was intimidating occasionally to be four girls alone in a strange, big city, but it was worth it.

Kudos to me

Big cities have always intimidated me, but now I want to go back. One of my favorite non-profits, World Vision, has a location in Chicago. World Vision is a "Christian relief, development and advocacy organization" committed to communities and families across the globe to lower poverty and erase injustice. One of there most familiar programs is the child sponsorship program. Read my review of World Vision's president's new book here.

So applying for an internship would be a great way to get back to the Windy City.

Kudos to ladybug

So here's the scoop: 

World Vision in Chicago is looking for:

"Managers for Team World Vision are looking for students who have knowledge of or background in grassroots marketing, social media or event planning.

The U.S. Programs department is looking for students who are passionate about domestic issues and have strong interpersonal skills."

Okay, that is right up my alley! I love grassroots marketing, social media, and event planning. I even bought a book this year about social media and PR. 

They offer internships in the fall, spring, and summer semesters to anyone enrolled in a university or one year after graduation. Some stipends are available for graduates (not me) and housing is not available. Interns are asked to give up 10 to 12 weeks and work at least 15 hours a week but encouraged to work 30 to 40 hours a week.

Kudos to me

With no monetary stipend though, I would need a part-time job. Coffee shop is a must. While I was in Chicago, I visited the Intelligentsia store in Millennium Park. It was so incredible. I felt like I was in a laboratory of coffee goodness. Definitely, a good example of a third wave coffee shop

Or any coffee shop for that matter like Wormhole Coffee, The Coffee and Tea Exchange, or a random mom and pop one I happen to stumble in. 

Kudos to me and Intelligentsia Coffee for a great single origin cappecino

All in all, this sounds AWESOME and SCARY. I would have to find somewhere to live for three months like maybe a family or an apartment. I would have to find a job and live in a giant city, essentially alone. Getting an internship with World Vision might be worth the risk though, we will see.

Thoughts on this possible adventure?

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1 comment:

  1. DO IT!

    I absolutely adore Chicago and the people there are down to earth enough that it's not completely foreign from the midwest (since it's still pretty much in the midwest too.

    You could even get on couchsurfers and see what you can find.

    I'll come see you too :-)