Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Wedding Notebook

Wedding planning came at the perfect time for me.
With an academic shaped void in my heart, I needed a project.
First thing, I did after Travis proposed was to buy a beautiful binder and meticulously organize it for the coming months of planning.

I know I'm a nerd...
but hey, I satisfied that need to buy school supplies!

I think this type of personal life organization can overflow to anyone in any stage of life, so I wanted to share some tips of how I organized my Wedding Notebook.

1. Pick a functional binder that isn't sore on the eyes.
This may seem a bit silly to note, but the more you enjoy your binder and organizational tools the more you are apt to use them. I bought binder from the Martha Stewart Collection at Staples.

2. Choose your accessories wisely.
I opted to buy one 8 tab packet with the following categories: Important, Budget, Ceremony, Reception, Guests, Flowers/Photos, Attire and Honeymoon. I mulled over how to wisely use these categories, but so far I am happy with these. Also, do NOT skimp on the fun plastic bags in the front of the binder. This is so helpful in holding small things. Martha Stewart has so many accessories so you can customize your binder to fit your needs!

3. Get a great calendar with plenty of room to write.
Like I mentioned, this Martha Stewart set had so many options. I got lots of filler paper and this great calendar with monthly to-do lists and lots of writing space. This is essential if you are planning a big event or putting together a long term project because it allows you to fill in all of the crazy details and deadlines.

4. Fill your notebook with pretty inspiration to encompass your vision.
I have ripped out magazine pages, taped photos of fun ideas and even printed out my Pinterest boards. This is the fun part, and you will definitely impress potential venders if you show them your vision in a concrete, visual way.

If you are looking for any wedding print outs, I got my ideas from this original blog post that I found on Pinterest. Just remember that organization and personalization is key when planning any event--especially a wedding.

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  1. Such great ideas!! I can't wait to plan my own wedding one day...and when I do, I'm sure I'll use some of these wonderful tips :)


  2. I love it! I had a binder for my wedding, too, but it was MUCH less pretty and organized than yours.
    I hope you're having a lot of fun with all those plans:-).