Saturday, September 29, 2012

5 Foodie Blogs I'm Swooning Over

Working at a chocolate factory has me diving into a things food.
Recently, I've stumbled a few blogs that I'm obsessing over lately, and I wanted to share.

1. Food Curated
Food Curated is run by Liza de Guia (or @SkeeterNYC), and she makes incredible videos going behind the scenes of unique food processes. Her most recent video is about a Captain Lawrence Brewery's Katchkie Harvest Ale that uses real local pumpkins making it "farm-to-brew." Love that! 

2. Joy the Baker
Joy the Baker has such a great personality in her posts with fabulous recipes. And she has the most adorable kitty, Jules. She shares a sweet story in her about video of how her dad got her into baking pies at an early age with her sister.

3. The Social Eater
The Social Eater is a blog dedicated to exploring eating local, Fair Trade and Direct Trade food. So right up my alley!

4. Desserts for Breakfast
Desserts for Breakfast is a food recipe blog with absolutely breath-taking photos! Stephanie is also an editor for a new foodie magazine, Sated, that I swoon over. I really need a subscription for my upcoming birthday. 
**Hint. Hint.**

5. Food Woolf 
Last but not least is Food Woolf. Brooke delves into the behind the scenes life of food and restaurant business. I learned about her through an amazing post she wrote about Askinosie Chocolate. 

These blogs are making my days all the more delicious, and I'm so glad I stumbled upon them in the vast universe of the Internet. Check them out!

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  1. Ok, first of all, I'm a little jealous that you work in a chocolate factory.
    And second- thank you so much for including me here! It has been wonderful to meet you and get to know you a little better:-).

  2. Sarah, haha! Yes, I'm definitely living the dream at Askinosie Chocolate! A chocolate factory with a social conscious is exactly up my alley. And same to you! I love your blog. :)

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