Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder

Right now at this moment,
I just need to blog.
I apologize because it is nothing grand or innovative,
but I must write down my thoughts.

Graduation is only three weeks away.
The largest event I have ever helped plan is in two days.
I am moving in one month.

All of these changes and pressures have nearly brought me to a breaking point this week,
and Murphy's Law is not helping.

a fly fell in my coffee;
my laptop was lost for a full hour;
and it was an eleven hour day.

I am not sharing all of this because I want to complain & have a negative post,
but because I just need it.

I need to see all of my tiny bumps in the road for what they really are:
tiny bumps not impossible-to-climb mountains.

I made sure to do something different.
I took off work,
pampered myself,
did dishes,
watched Glee,
and sat in my favorite coffee shop
just because.

Every day is a learning experience.
This week I am learning to deal with stress and the unknown.
I'm learning when to say no.

Tomorrow will be kinder.
I fully believe that.
I have to believe that.


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