Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Mug Story: South Korean Gift

So I have a weakness..

coffee mugs.

I have a cupboard full of them after only 3 years living on my own.
Some might call that a problem,
but each has a story,
so it seems impossible to part with any one of them.

Some people blog about the contents of their purse.
I decided to start a blog series about the contents of my cupboard.

So here is my first mug story:

This lovely mug is my most recent addition to my coffee mug family. My friend, Suzie, brought it back for me from South Korea this summer. It is a handmade, beautiful piece of pottery that I adore. It even matches my bowls. :)

My favorite part about it is the small handle.
I feel like it was made for my little fingers.
I love it!

Perfect for my morning coffee or evening tea!

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  1. What a lovely mug and story! We know how awesome it is to have a special mug that means a lot. :-) We "liked" this post on our facebook page so our followers can read it too. We welcome you to our site if you'd like to read about other beloved mugs, or feel free to post your own there too! :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my post! That means a lot. I may just have to submit something to your site. I have many more mugs and stories. It may be an unhealthy obsession. lol