Monday, July 11, 2011

A House is Not a Home

I said my official good-bye to The Fremont House about a week ago
So many emotions
my head

I am happy
to be rid of 
I am exhausted
from cleaning and 
I am anxious
to start a new
I am sad
to loose my 

I will miss
Pippie greeting me 
each morning
My neighbor saving me
from my bad cooking skills
Always having someone
different to entertain

I will miss
Walking to class
Walking to Homegrown Foods
Walking just walking on Fremont

I have so many fond memories
of those three other crazy
Fremont House Girls
from the Snowpocalypse
to Christmas dinner
to parking each other in

They say a house is not a home,
but The Fremont House was my home for one year.
I will miss it,
but now it is time to make a new home.


p.s. I am going to miss small children trick or treating at my house during Halloween. :)
What is home to you?
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