Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ecuadorian Eats

This post is dedicated to all the food I have been eating in Ecuador. 
Yes, I know it is about dinner time, so you should probably not read this if you are super hungry... :)

This is the first meal they served us that I LOVED!
It was ham and llapingachos.
What in the world is a llapingacho?
It's okay I didn't know either.
It is a potato and cheese pancake looking thing,
and it is SOO good!

Last Tuesday, the group went to a restaurant called "La Boca del Lobo".
It was such a cute place.
(I will share more pics later of the decor,
but now here is the delicious food we had):

I had chicken kabobs wrapped in bacon dipped in dijon mustard with bread.
Yes, I was in heaven.

My lovely friend Morgan had this stuffed mushroom dish that looked scrumptious. 

Fruit is more than a staple here in Ecuador.
We eat fruit at just about every meal.
I am not much of a fruit person,
but I am adjusting.

In the Middle of the World, we saw these baby bananas that are supposed to be super sweet.
Aren't they adorable?

This is called Rambutan.
It is a red spikey fruit with a juice white center.
There are also seeds inside...
which you are NOT supposed to eat,
learned that the hard way.

Okay, do you see that chocolate bar in the background?
It is called Pacari,
and I am addicted now.

The first thing I craved from the US was Askinosie chocolate.
My craving has been satisfied with this single origin chocolate from the Esmeraldas region of Ecuador.
I have already bought like 5 bars.

At the beach this weekend, we had amazing seafood!

And soda pop in adorable glass bottles. :)

This is dessert from that restaurant on the beach,
which is called Spondylus...
weird, I know.

Brandi discovered this adorable bakery called Corfu.
I think I may go every day.
The pastries are absolutely incredible.

Yesterday, I felt a bit under the weather,
so we played it safe and tried a deli.
I had an amazing Caesar salad with a cheese empanada.

My food adventures are certainly not over.
This weekend we are trying "Cuy",
which is guinea pig.

I am a little scared,
but it is a traditional dish here,
so I have to try at least a bite.

Tenga un buen dia!
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