Thursday, June 7, 2012

Person in Charge of Getting the Word Out

I'm starting to settle into my new job at Askinosie Chocolate,
and I'm just smitten.
It is the perfect job for me.

However, I am constantly asked:
So what do you actually DO?
Do you get to eat chocolate all day?
Are there oompa loompas involved?

I am a public relations professional for an artisan bean-to-bar chocolate factory, where I do get to eat chocolate frequently and there are not oompa loompas.

I adore my actual title:
Person in Charge of Getting the Word Out.
I think that pretty much sums it up.

I'm a storyteller,
an event coordinator,
a social media peep,
a listening ear for customers,
a idea factory for journalists
and simply an advocate for the company.

A wise professor once described PR as three things:
writing &
I love all of those things.

My outfit for my first day of work!
Being the Person in Charge of Getting the Word Out,
you all will be hearing much more of Askinosie's story in posts to come,
but for now that is all.

Hopefully, you understand what I do a little better than before.

Indulge in yummy chocolate always,

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