Saturday, January 22, 2011

PRSSA Goes Pokerface

PRSSA is back in full swing this semester, and we started out with helping one of our clients, GYN Cancer Alliance. We have an internal student run PR firm called Bear Communications. We help local organizations free of charge with different PR activities.

The local GYN Cancer Alliance in Springfield had a Casino Night called Chips for Cancer in the Tower Club. It was a very swank location, and we got almost full rein to decorate the place with fun cards, dice, etc. Our favorite was probably the giant blow-up dice! Everyone needs a set, seriously.

It was a lot of fun setting up. Enjoy some pictures from the afternoon:

The whole time, I could only think of how I wanted the song Pokerface by Lady Gaga playing in the background. I know, it is silly but fitting with the decor.

In other PRSSA news, we have a new client this semester: Urban Districts Alliance. I am so excited to possibly work with them. Cheers to another semester!
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