Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crazy Combo Career

Today, in my Public Speaking II class, we were supposed to practice introducing speeches. Last week, we interviewed a classmate and then the classmate came up with a random topic for us to be speaking about. Well, who would have thought that my partner would have taken all my crazy different interests and rolled them into one.

I have to give credit it where it is due. Ashton May made me a Public Relations practitioner of a up and coming coffee roasting company that gave a portion of their profits to orphanages around the world. Wow, there it is. Coffee, culture, and community all rolled into one.

Now, I have to add on to Ashton's incredible idea. What if there was a company that did direct trade with the coffee farms of developing countries and money from selling their coffee was used to help the orphans in their community or other poverty in their community. What a beautiful relationship potential!

Okay, so I am just a college student right now, but this would be such a neat company to be apart of. Just like Public Relations combines all my random creative interests of writing, design, speaking, event planning, etc., this company would combine my love for coffee and passion for reaching out to the poverty in other countries, especially orphans.

If you are reading this blog and thinking, wow this is a GREAT idea, I think I am going to steal it from her and claim it as my own, AWESOME. Please just let me come do PR for you someday. We all need to think of creative ways to give back to the community: locally and globally.

Ideas can come in many forms so always pay attention...even in Speech class!

I hope you enjoy this journey with me exploring how coffee, culture, and community all relate to another. Pin It

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